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PrincessNikki Hungary
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Female Domination
Foot Fetish

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You know, all slaves craves my ass and my feet! I don’t’ blame you, both my ass and feet are really sexy! My slave is kneeling before me, and I want to tease him badly.. I know he like all of you crave my ass and my feet. So I have him beg to sniff my ass. I tell him that I never shower before a shooting! So he might smell today's action from behind me. I have him beg even more to lick my ass! So when I am satisfied with his begging, I let him stick his tongue inside my rose and taste me! But I have more parts for him to worship, I make him take my boots of, and sniff and lick my perfect feet. I know he is a sucker for sweaty feet, so this should really be a privilege for him! His tongue have to clean them well, both under and between my toes. In the end I have a game for him. He has to smell my feet, and tell me which foot it is! If he is wrong, I simply slap his face!

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