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  • Jan 18, 2019, 6:58:21 PM

    The bounty fucker (Part 1)

    That my spaceship has the shape of a limb is a strange and yet fitting coincidence. As if fate had mixed up several events well. I got it from a warty guy on Kardoc5. We had a wild, drunken night with lots of konkensuppe and in the morning I noticed that he was dead. No heartbeat, no breathing noise and an unnaturally painful face. "Heart attack," I stated and vaguely remembered that he had looked at me very intensively while riding. At first he took care of my breasts, but then he let up. After my orgasm I rolled from him and fell asleep. Did I rode him dead or did it happen afterwards?
    I was not allowed to be brought in connection with this death. I was searched for on several neighboring planets and my false identity would not have stood up to full scrutiny. So I had to leave the planet as fast as possible. It did not work with my own spaceship. It was being repaired very expensive and I could not get close to it for at least a week. Besides, it had already left quite a bit. At the front of the cockpit there were several bumps and holes and the electronics was limited to the bare necessities. Basically, the spaceship was held together only by millions of robot ants. At each landing and every start several of them fell off again. And that was refreshed now extremely expensive.
    In the corridor of the dead lay the navigation glove which shined me seductively. I decided in a fraction of a second, pulled him over and threw my glove and thus my ship a street in a Kotlutschtier. Kotlutschiere are not mine. They are bred creatures that pull the stool out of the intestine and use it immediately without residues. There are no drains on the whole Kardoc and no inhabitants with constipation problems.
    The acid in these animals is so extreme that I was sure to make my glove disappear completely.
    And now I'm several light-years away from Kardoc5 and am in the middle of the darkness of space. An area of greatest starvation in which the lights of my penis spaceship seem somehow unreal. I have been waiting here for two days now and am getting impatient. I was booked by light signature. I have no idea who hired me there, but the payment immediately drove me into the vagina. This is decreasing hour by hour. Here in the air I do not suspect an ambush, but nevertheless I have an unpleasant, inner restlessness that promises nothing good.
    I give the client another day.

  • Jan 10, 2019, 1:58:38 PM

    Do I have to do it again?

    Today I would just like to wake up next to a man, would have cuddled up to him and walked with his hand over his body. He would have slept and my hand on his cock would have activated him. Then a few hot kisses, I climb on top of him, pull my panties aside, introduce him to me, kiss me on and ride him and me awake.
    I would rub my wetness of the night and morning lust on him, perceive his smell even more animalistic and begin the day with a groan before words come from me.
    So I would have liked it this morning. There are a few things that I have not done in a long time. The last time "GutenMorgenSex" I probably had at the end of September. Way too long ago, but on my KathyFickTours it's usually the case that I meet married men and they rarely stay in the hotel overnight. They bring / fuck me to bed rather than that, they bring me into the day.
    And since we already talk about time windows. Here are a few sex things that are already a little ago and I like to experience again:
    1. fuck a man with a strapon. This is one of my dominant vein, as the egg water to the egg (Funny self-modification of the holy water saying, or?)). I like to dominate a man in this way. Last time: August
    2. I have not been fisted for a long time and totally love it when a man is good and I squirte through it. This is a superschöngeiles letting me succeed through the entire lower body. Must always be someone who has experience with it and knows what he is doing. Unfortunately, I already had some experiences with men who could not. Last time: August
    3. I would also like to experience a threesome with two men again. Preferably also in front of the camera. Is always difficult to find two men who like to show their face in public. With mask and so on I find completely unsettling. Last time: 2017; (
    4. What I also like to enjoy with sympathy and mutual trust: To fully self-assemble together. So just celebrate with pee and secretions a wonderful wet-hot Fickfest. Take a rubber sheet with me to a hotel, add baby oil and then really spend a few hours playing together. I would have again. That is already a few months ago.
    So this year, everything has to be done in any case. What would be the right thing for you? What do you need and want to experience again?
    Loves Thursday
    Your Kathy

  • Jan 9, 2019, 12:41:59 PM

    My saliva was just your sperm;)

    Next to me is a coffee, the TV provides me with bad news and I start now satisfied in the day. 5 minutes ago I looked at a few pictures of my users and touched me.
    Best I come when I see a cock and spurting sperm. Then I imagine where it ends up with me, how warm it is and how I rub it on myself. A really great idea: Strange sperm on my labia and on my clit. I spread it on my hole and slide white streaks into my pink depth with my fingers. Then a few fingers to the mouth and I taste a delicious mix of sperm and Fotzensekret.
    To nourish my imagination, I take a lot of spit and imagine that it is your white gold. I like being wet, not just me. I like it dirty, harsh and sweet. I'm looking forward to the next real cum and wish you a lovely wednesday.
    Your Kathy

  • Dec 27, 2018, 11:05:34 AM

    The seminal reverberation in me

    Naked, I lie there. The blanket crumpled at my feet in front of the bed. We probably fucked her down. He just left and I still feel the union. I sweat a bit and between my breasts shines a light wet strip towards the navel. The cold of the room is doing just fine. I move my thighs together to unconsciously massage my hole a little bit. Besides, it feels good. A fresh and fully injected hole is very sensitive. This has nothing to do with the previous stretching, but rather with the blood supply of my inner pink geilhaut. Through the friction and probably through the sperm, I am positively irritated in me. This is a kind of ebbing or echoing in me.
    We kissed for a long time, much longer than usual and I think it took him and I needed it too. In addition, we were very sympathetic. There were and are several connecting points in our lives, many common interests and also our genitals were very compatible (well, that's what I noticed afterwards;)).
    He has, of course, a wife who gives him nothing more and to which he has now disappeared. Too bad, because I had nothing against a third, fourth or fifth round.
    I feel his sperm flow from me. In a small trickle it runs out of me between the labia and over my rosette. I feel this way and touch me. I really love that I feel that the man left something in me. With my fingers I rub his juice in my hole and massage my clit. In my mind, I go back and remember that I touched when he fucked me and has repeatedly touched his cock. That's a really cool feeling. Feel him inside and then again with his hand to rub the shaft. A double bump wet sensation. And now I leave the blanket in front of the bed, close my eyes and touch myself. I'll send him a picture of my wetness. But only later, when I can estimate that he is back with his wife.
    Have a nice day.

  • Dec 19, 2018, 9:13:34 AM

    Information and meeting points

    Good morning my love,
    Today I got up a bit earlier. Immediately a physiotherapist comes to me, which restricts me properly and so on and until then I answer mails. A coffee is standing next to me and I'm setting my route for the New Year. By the way, cities where I still have time to meet someone are:

    Trier, Gera, Bamberg, Wittenberg, Linz, Augsburg, Karlsruhe, Mainz, Euskirchen and many others.

    Just write me if you like to meet me too.

    And otherwise there are the following current sex info about me:

    1. Favorite position: I on my knees, mouth open and your manhood between my lips. You touch my head and decide the beat.

    2. Statistically, I masturbate twice a day. So right now and so.

    3. This week I had sex only twice;

    4. I wish once again a visit to a swingers club with lots of fun, party and nice people. Of course I need a suitable companion.

    Definitely have a wonderful Wednesday and think of me a little when you touch.

    Your Kathy