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  • Aug 17, 2018, 6:53:37 AM

    10 unheard questions to you

    Good morning my love,

    I have 10 questions for you and I'm curious how and what you answer. So I get to know you better and of course you a little;) Rejoice me, if you join in.

    1. What is more important to you in sex? Frequency, intensity or confirmation?
    2. Would you like to have sex with a 30 year older woman?
    3. Has a friend ever watched you having sex? Have you ever been observed?
    4. If you sleep in the hotel and hear in the next room at once very loud fucking. Are you dressing yourself?
    5. How far would you go for very good sex?
    6. To what percentage can you live out sexually?
    7. How did you find this page?
    8. What was your most blatant stranger story?
    9. What are you doing after the masturbation with your sperm?
    10. If you could dress me with lingerie. What would you choose for me?

    Just answer by message;)

    Have a nice Friday.
    Your Kathy

  • Aug 14, 2018, 2:27:13 PM

    Good men would suck

    What I wish for the next meeting. I just want to feel good, safe and secure. Only in confidence, you can go messy, perverted and greedy. You pick me up from the train station, we stow my little suitcase and go somewhere to loosen up the drink.
    We talk, get in touch, come to a level and it begins to tingle between my legs. I prick this tingling until it does not work anymore.
    And I also play with your lust, whisper you filthy in the ear, stroking gently on the bump in your lap and
    press my breasts to you. Sometimes I just disappear on the toilet, put my fingers in my wet hole, tell you about it and then put it on your lips. Good men suck it off and boring men find it disgusting (really experienced).
    And then you end up in the hotel bed or kisses hot and horny somewhere on the way there and the game begins.
    I want to lie exhausted next to you and know that this is only the beginning.
    Are you ready for it?

    Your Kathy from the Fickpension

  • Aug 5, 2018, 2:18:33 PM

    Kinky super heroines

    Is there actually somewhere a pornographic format in which women have FickSuperkräfte? Imagine me exciting and funny. Maybe a woman who can shoot with her squirt juice. And the one she meets is instantly in love with her. I just imagine, the lady knows about her strength and tries to win over an uninvolved guy for herself. How does she do that? Suppose he is not interested in her. How does she manage to inject him?
    As she has noticed her powers, one can assemble on two labia (rubbing together).
    Or take another possible superheroine. Ejakulatia. She has the power to bring a man by eye contact for spraying alone. Sometimes she walks through the supermarket, lets her eyes wander and makes fun of all the sighs and puddles.
    Schlunda has a very special power. She sucks cocks and some power in her throat changes the structure of the cunt. Sometimes it comes out smaller and sometimes bigger. It is a kind of raffle. A 50/50 chance that you drive with a normal cock in her mouth and out with a huge cock again. The losers are usually allowed to try to get their normal tail again, but they also run the risk of getting a minipipel.
    And then there is Susanne Bothes. She has no labia, but protective lips. Instinctively they increase in danger, break through their clothes and form a flesh shield around the woman. You should never scare this lady.
    Zwitterella can accept any genital part of a living Earth system. No matter what, she can turn her pubic area into a cloaca or whale-shell with a single thought.
    An obvious super power I could probably have. I think in any case well. I could generate power by rubbing my breasts together. This would enable me to bring people back to life, could supply my household without public utilities with energy and fight against enemies. But my butt should also know what, I just remember. What could he do?
    Ahh, I have a good idea. I could have an entrance in a fucking FickDimension in the back entrance. If you touch me on my asshole you will automatically be sucked in and experience the wildest adventure with lots of juice, swirling and fulfillment. So actually, as my own FickpensionsSeite. Only somehow all-embracing ????
    Have a nice Sunday.

  • Aug 4, 2018, 10:25:11 AM


    Crazy! I fell in love with sex with a certain person. The man is normal and I would not want him as a partner, but I would like to experience the daily sex. He is tough, beautiful, different and somehow new. I was really surprised with so much empathy and actually it's the wrong word for it. That sounds too soft, but that's not it. It's more a mixture of: "He knows exactly where my limit is, but take me safely over it" and "If he's in me, we're one unit."
    I felt as if one had known each other for years, played each other and one need not say anything. Of course he took what other men would never dare and of course I gave it. When we looked at sex then I became even hornier. Hach yes ..
    The crazy thing is that he knows nothing about my feelings. I did not tell him, and I will not. It does not make sense. We only understand each other in and during sex. Unfortunately, the rest does not interest me.
    Nevertheless, I'm glad that there is such a thing. Well, I hope for a really good overall package! Have you had such an experience before? That the sex was fantastic, but the rest was boring?
    Wish you a fine Wednesday.

  • Aug 3, 2018, 7:11:11 AM

    Next to your wife;)

    Your wife is sleeping. You know the sounds she makes when she's deep in sleep and send me a message on my phone. As discussed, I go in through your back door, sneak to you in the bedroom and put me next to you. So you are in the middle and on the left is your wife and on the right I lie.
    I pulled my dress up, grabbed your cock without words and rubbed it. We kiss carefully and try not to make any sound. I have never experienced your cock so hard. This situation seems to make you look just like me. And I am sure that your wife will smell my desire in the bed linen later. The sheet is already wet from me.
    I turn around and push my ass against your lap. Respectively, I try it, but a hard thing pounding there and with a small but accurate movement you are in me.
    To cheat someone so close and so dangerous. Hach, it does not get better. She does not notice anything, I notice everything. Everything feels much more intense and the fear of my and your orgasm drives us to it involuntarily. Why the fear? I'm always loud at coming. I can not help it, but now it has to be that way.
    In the middle of it all starts to smack. Just a Fickschmatzgeräusch that arises when a tail is full of Fotzsaft and more and more secretion arises. So wet, I was not in a long time. You have to fuck slower in me.
    It moves, we do not stop and move. Is she waking up? No, that was just a small transfer with a sigh. Your cock moves back in me, pounding and rubbing my fleshy labia. I would most like, if you inject now in me and I feel your ejaculation in me. That's what I always come for and I want to come now.
    So I think and suddenly I can not hold myself back, bites my lower lip, jerk twice briefly and my entire lower body vibrates in satisfaction. Then I exhale. Way too loud. Arghhhhh, did she hear me? Did you come? Oh yes, that feels like it.