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  • Oct 18, 2018, 5:36:22 PM

    Questions to you

    My last questions are already a little ago and so I throw a few new ones in the round. Would be glad if you tell me your answers. I like to get to know my men even further in this way. I have often experienced that I caught fire with interesting answers and simply had to get to know the respective man.

    1. Can you remember the best sex of your life? How was it? Please describe it to me. I'm curious!

    2. Are you more dominant or submissive? If dominant: What is dominant with you? Submissive: What is submissive to you?

    3. Have you ever taken Viagra or intoxicants for sex? For what purpose?

    4th Regardless of me: Which pornstar or what famous woman would you like to fuck?

    5. Would you also fuck in an unwashed and stinking vagina? Have you ever acted against your brain or your taste?

    6. Where would you go with me? Swingers club, frivolous bar, restaurant, club, hotel, Fickpension?

    I'm looking forward to your answers.

    Love kisses
    Your Kathy

  • Oct 15, 2018, 9:24:11 PM

    Club vacation with Kathy

    I would like to spend such a simple club vacation in some holiday resort. So right with ribbons, animation and so on. And then I want to do something quite frivolous on the first evening. When dancing (accidentally) let my breasts hopping out and pull the men's eyes on me. These views will then spend the entire holiday on me. And then I take the men. One after the other. I want to be topic of conversation. From lust in the men and jealousy in the women.
    And the women really have reason to. I would take away their husbands for a few hours. I imagine that really cool. They know exactly which room I'm in and when they slip away, there's a knock and we have fun.
    And I would irritate people even more. Would go with a skimpy jeans and wet spot in the right place in the breakfast room or lying on the sun lounger and touch me immoral now and then.
    Would you turn me on? Would you speak to me? Would you sneak up to me?
    Or we go together and have a lot of fun together and I suggest to the other men that I want to cheat on you. But you are hiding in the closet and have to listen to me fucking with other guys.
    Good idea right?
    Love sunday evening.
    Your Kathy

  • Oct 14, 2018, 1:54:11 PM

    A normal Kathy evening

    6:00 pm
    My vagina twitches. Yes, but. I breathe a little more calmly now and pay attention to my lap again. Yes, I'm cool. Will I do it myself or will I pick my phone and see if anyone has time for me? Do I want to come quickly or be taken right?

    18:10 clock
    I touched a little and am really wet. The buttons on my laptop shine from my fingers. I am writing to a few men in Lüneburg. The text: "Hi ..., I'm currently at home. If you have time: Photo ". The photo shows my wet hole. The labia are wide open and a milky river runs out and over my asshole.

    Stefan W. has time and comes in 15 minutes. His cock reacted immediately to my hole. He also sent a photo. Delicious. I quickly jump into the shower, but skip my intimate area.

    18:22 clock

    It rings!


    Unfortunately, Stefan is already gone. He is married and is directly from work to me. He has dark short hair, is a bit thick, but has a good tail. He has brought me to come and actually I am satisfied. The problem is: It was good and just so good that I want more now. I mean, it's 8:30 pm and it's still early in the evening. I think I'll leave and hope for my luck.


    Anna comes along. She is not a total celebration bee, but better than alone. So far it was anyway: Whenever I was traveling with her, she was eventually alone and I was far away with a newly met guy. Marvel at me anyway that she still likes to go away with me.

    20:50 clock

    Make me pretty in the bathroom. My genital area is washed, I'm perfumed and I'm wearing a new blouse. My breasts will look very good today;)


    We sit in the taxi and drive once in a bar. One knows me there and the one waiter had something with me or me with him;)

    9:45 pm

    He is not there, but we are not alone. Anna knows a group of people and we sit with them and drink some cocktails. I have to be a little careful because I usually exaggerate a bit. When I have fun, I also want more fun.

    23:05 clock

    So, Anna got a guy from the group and I do not have one yet. They are all too young and clichéd to me. None of the 5 men has anything interesting to tell. Nobody fucks my brain and most of all no one dares to speak to me. Respectively to go full. So pretty boring. Maybe it's because I really with the Alk ..... l have held back.


    Jackpot, I think. We are now in a discotheque and a guy is dancing all alone. Everybody thinks he's a spinner and I'm on fire inside. He dares something. He just does it. Now all I have to do is make contact.

    23:54 clock

    Guess who is sitting next to me?

    02:12 clock

    Puhhh, maybe in my life I had four times sex on a disco toilet. Now I can say that I did it 5 times. I whispered in his ear that I absolutely needed it and he winked and we were quickly on the women's room. It's always better than doing it at the men's club anyway. The latter always brings gazers with it. On the women's room, it may happen that you are outraged, but that's all. He immediately pushed me to his knees and pulled out his cock. It was a good mix of sweat, pre-sperm and greed. Delicious! Yes, and then I came up, turned around, leaned against the KloKabinenWand and was pretty fucked from behind. He has penetrated my asshole. In short, I came very well!

    03:22 clock

    Good night. I leave the sperm in me. Then tomorrow morning makes masturbating more fun;)

  • Oct 13, 2018, 2:44:00 PM

    Make Hamburg unsafe!

    Someone just asked me if I've tried gloryhole before. Of course I have. You know, maybe I film 25% of my adventures. Not everything. And I do not shoot every date. Because most men are married and do not want to be spared on film anyway. I can understand that and instead of producing more video material, the good feeling in the now is more important to me. I also always have one thing when shooting, but mostly not my counterpart. That's why the camera stays off very often.

    Gloryhole I experienced in a swinger club in Hamburg. It was good and I did not know which cock I spoiled there. Only then at the bar has met and then otherwise fun. Here I would like to briefly show my best and craziest experiences in the clubs.

    Hamburg is packed with clubs and frivolous bars anyway. The latter have somehow been more fun. Maybe because the main focus was not on sex. Definitely not comparable to a club.

    I still remember one of my slaves. I tied him to the Andrew Cross in a frivolous bar, went to the bar and kept sending people down to him. Of course with tasks. When I came down to him, I saw that his tail was up and asking for salvation.

    Once I met a woman in the swinger club who really stunk a lot. She chatted with me and said that she wears the semen of several men and then wants to bring her home to her real husband. He is well on it. I can still understand that, but why did the lady stink so much? Because the different types of sweat have superimposed on the men or because your Mösenduft was very disgusting? I bet on the latter, since it came from "below".

    I took many normal women and normal guys to a club and it was always crazy how fast they thawed and found partners.

    Maybe I use this text just to accompany men in HH and show you my hottest clubs and bars. That would be cool. Oh, let's just do it. Anyone who is watching at least 10 videos of me this month may take me around the houses in Hamburg at the beginning of December. Very relaxed, without pressure and with a lot of fun and empathy.

    So, if you've never been to a club before or like me as an escort: join in!

    Love kisses


  • Oct 10, 2018, 11:19:40 PM

    You too have a chance!

    A call to the men with strong tail swords! You sighed a "hello" and stroked vigorously over the bumps.
    And, maybe this text is more for the men, who think that they are not that handsome and that they have no chance for me. That's exactly what I want to write about today. I know that lack of self-confidence does not encourage you to contact me, but that's exactly what I want to ask.
    I would like to decide for myself who I would like to meet. I have no firm men or tail taste. It's about a lot more and even if you are fat, have a small tail, you are a virgin or shy anyway.
    With me you can trust me and I look forward to you.

    Your Kathy