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  • May 5, 2018, 12:20:40 AM

    Fantasies, Dominant and Aircraft Thoughts 2

    I'm probably a switcher anyway. I love being used, but I also like to use men. In virginal men, the dominant Kathy comes out very soft. I hug the timid man a little, blow away his fears and sit down with all my wet femininity on his cock and start to ride him. In doing so, I pay close attention to his emotions. What is his breathing like his moaning and how does his cock react? With one hand I'm on his testicles, claw me in her and feel, whether he comes soon or not. I take advantage of that. I move and stir with his beating in my fruitings and whenever I notice that the testicles contract and he will soon pump I stop. He's almost lucky in comm mode and I'll get him out. I like to do that a few times and then, when he expects a break, I let him come to me. I like that!
    A little harder I deal with slaves. I treat them as they deserve. I especially like to go to the taboos. For example, if someone says that he does not want me to take him off as a fuck slave, then that's what I do, but respect his taboo. For example, it looks like I'm just telling a friend and he's in a session. It's enough if he sits in a chair in the hotel room and watches. The slave will always have the fear that the other man participates and loses himself in him. And this will give the slave pleasure. Fear creates tension and tension drives orgasm to the extreme.
    In about 45 minutes I will land now. I hope you liked my lyrics and you have occasionally felt a reinforcement under the belly button. Just as I feel a **** of hotness with tickling and teasing. A tension that I'll probably rub right after the suitcase. In doing so, I'll squeeze my nipples hard and twirl and dream of your movement in my underpants.
    Please never doubt if you would be enough for me (I know that a few men do that). You're just as good and horny for me as you are. As soon as I feel that you want me very much, I'm horny. No matter how big your cock and how your body is. If sympathy and greed are there: very much.
    Have a good KopfFickflug and please do not strap on.
    Your Kathy