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  • May 5, 2018, 3:28:08 PM

    God too would use swinger clubs

    Why is it that I feel so happy right at the orgasm? Is there something comparable? No! I definitely do not know anything. And yes, I am addicted to it. After that impulsive letting go and the perfect relaxation afterwards. And because it's such a lucky touch, it can not be bad.
    What do people actually say that believe in God? For example, the Catholics, who actually demonize every fetish and only find sex in marriage fine? If God exists and he has created such a great feeling: should not one be more opposed to it? Should not you let all your constraints go and take the partner you want? Respecting, of course, that this one wants too?
    Sometimes you read about small communities, which face each other a newly planned swingers club. Why? And who are the masterminds? Envious impotent men or women who just do not feel like their own men are thus incited to more lust and climb them? Anyway, it seems to me that most women have taken men for security. There is love in the beginning and afterwards it is just there and they masturbate in secret and imagine another man. They suggest to their own husband that they no longer feel like having sex. So they build a barrier and the man eventually stops to ask for a fuck. If this then goes strange, or looks after another woman behind the screaming is great. Then she feels hurt in her honor as an attractive woman, her self-confidence fades or she is afraid that the security is gone.
    If I believed in the existence of God, the orgasm would definitely prove it to me. And God himself would certainly go to a club, or what do you think?
    See you tomorrow in the next text. Have the honor and Hei Schepperel
    Your Kathy