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  • May 8, 2018, 3:56:24 PM

    Lick me!

    Put on my fingers and slowly put on my hairy labia. They stopped my wetness, which now flows down over my asshole. A horny shower goes through my abdomen and leaves more secret free.

    You want to lick me? Stick your tongue in me, smell me, feel my throbbing on my lips and swallow my taste? Should I let you into my heart? Disclose my intimacy and give you my orgasm that will shoot a sweet torrent of squirt juice into your mouth? Did you earn this? And if, with what?

    What makes you unique? What makes you interesting for me? I want to lie down and let myself down. Relax and be glad that you are spoiling me.

    I do not want to hear or read that you are the best. The only idiots write that do not understand that every lady is different and sensitive. Who is the best treat for "Elke", it does not have to be with "Kirsten".

    My pussy vibrates and my clit is free and is very plump. Your mouth should surround him and lick it. Do you do that? I want to come and let me go. And you should feel, taste, hear and smell it.

    To start!