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  • May 9, 2018, 2:44:12 PM


    In the style of the old curio cabinets I would like to show the men sexwonders of the world. Women with huge breasts, men with huge cocks, pussies that can splash wide, and mischiefs that can carry steel balls. So just subjects and bodies, which lie next to the ordinariness.

    It would take place in a tent. There are several SitzWichsPlätze and of course premium seats that I take care of ???? In addition, seats with built dildo for men or women.

    There would be couples having sex on the stage, and a crazy clown woman picking and pulling men out of the audience. Sometimes I go to it and rub the testicles of the selected one while fucking or occasionally lead him between my lips and taste the Fotzgeschmack the colleague.

    I think this would work! Why is not there something like this on St. Pauli or something? Since you would rather go than in such a dröge sex shows, with a bar where the drink costs 30 euros. Would you look at something like that? I can really imagine the posters. In sepia vintage somehow. Good idea somehow.