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  • May 12, 2018, 12:56:59 PM

    In all, love has to be

    Everything is nothing without feeling. And so, in all my actions, my feeling always gets mixed in with it. I love my desire and love. Men who want me are always a compliment and other men remain so persistent that I even close them in my heart.
    In over 10 years I have had short liaisons with my users. That can not be absent, because I never hold back and give full feeling. Meeting with me, I always treat as a "first date" and not as a "must". To explore men, to tickle their strengths and weaknesses and then to unite. Hach, I love it.
    If you were very close, then you usually want more closeness and there are users who go to ***** today with a TShirt of mine and smell it. Or who want a panty from me and use my fragrance again and again to be able to inject even more intense.
    With some men the spark does not jump over immediately and with other men immediately a Fickbasis is there. It is important in any case: Show me how horny you are on me.
    That is a magnet for me.

    Have a nice Saturday
    Your Kathy