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  • May 12, 2018, 3:39:16 PM

    I want to drive you crazy

    You think that you are dirty and perverted? You think you think about sex too often? Maybe I am like you or more extreme. Maybe your fantasies are kinkerlitzchen for me and I laugh secretly about your perverted attempts.
    Or you make me with it and I do not tell it and let you fidget.
    Do you already feel me every day in your head and on your cock? Do I belong to your day and definitely to your pleasure?
    I want to drive you crazy, conditioning you and feeling my power. I want to hear you beg, plead and almost break. Yes, you should eat after me.
    Your cock should hurt before strengthening, if I write to you. I want to confuse you, play with you and lose me to you and your lust.
    Show me your Vorsperma, show me your injection and the way there. Let me participate and watch. Soon I will help you personally, create hand and tools and fill your longing with a kiss. Then I will not leave you in the dark, but give you clarity.
    Not only are you physically stretched, I already stretch your ideas, your horizon and your preferences.
    With my big breasts, I'll take you to the air, press her firmly against your greedy mouth and ride you while the cream from the body. Look at me firmly and hold him. If you look away or blink longer I'll stop and give you a few slaps and bite me tight in your nipples.
    I want you to go raving and hearing and seeing. We enjoy our way! Stay cool on me and now I want your sperm. Spray properly and imagine that you do it in me. Deep, wet and tight. I want you.