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  • May 14, 2018, 12:12:47 PM

    Highway rest stop experience

    Yes, I admit it yes: AutobahnrastplatzSex is really the dirtiest and most disgusting thing there is. But, it is super exciting and my hole reacts extremely on the outward journey. And that is the most important. I have learned to listen to my genitals and to follow their reactions. What makes me wet must be good and therefore it is lived out. I can also advise you. What makes you hard, should also bring you to fulfillment. Or to put it even better, what makes you hard can make you soft again. Use this!
    I usually go to such motorway meetings with a friend. He does not participate, but monitors the whole thing from a distance. Because I have no desire that suddenly a madman attack me and keeps me trapped in his basement for years;)
    I then stay in the car, look first who is there and what is going on and if I feel like I turn on the interior light and the men see me. My shirt then went up over my breasts and of course I have no panties on.
    Man looks in to me, approaches and knocks on the glass. He has his dick in his hand and rubs it. I decide "Yes" and the window opens. Immediately his hands reach for my breasts. Even the hand he just touched. Has he come before? She is a little wet. No matter. I turn the seat back and grab my hole. When I hear more men, I close my eyes and let it happen. My cunt twitches and my clit pounds like crazy. Other hands have already landed there and rub through my wet labia. When I open my eyes, I see a barrage of cum in my headlights flying through the night.
    Three guys jerk off and take turns with me. This is too little. I want more and open my car door. I pull my pants down, present my ass and lean on my arms on the car seat. And then I feel an unknown cock in me. I do not know his name, do not know what he did here and I just feel wonderfully used. Two seconds after he pumped into me, I come and then feel the next tail. Letting yourself fall completely and giving oneself to strangers is also letting go of normality. It has something ****** and natural.
    The drive home is even crazier then. I'm wet, my cunt pumps and everywhere the semen starts to dry. Other drivers do not know where I come from. This mystery makes me even more horny and full of anticipation, and I will bring myself to the cleansing again.
    Stop a normal AutobahnRastplatz experience.