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  • May 15, 2018, 3:58:46 PM

    Pee pleasures

    I like it juicy, frumpy and unpredictable. Love the untenable, the Einwerden and experimenting and so I'm probably synonymous to something come, which would probably interjection as "Ihh": pee.

    A man once said to me that I should piss on him and I was a little *****, I just let it run. He meant nothing to me and so I was not embarrassed. His cock grew immediately and it was a very cool feeling to be even soaking wet. Anyway, a crazy feeling. Of course, my own pussy glue has a completely different consistency and does not burn, but if I rub urine in / on my hole then there is a reaction. Feel good. Letting go and urinating also feels good. Especially if it is interrupted by a cock that fucks in me meanwhile.

    I like to urinate when I ride. If I throne over him, kiss him, lift my ass, release his cock and then a hot shower trickles over him. Then I introduce him again and the fucking accompanies a different feeling, a different smell and a horny Schmatzgeräusch. Am I messed up? Very good! Do some men find this disgusting? I do not care! ;) I love it.