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Tail-Loser! I hate ugly failure cocks! This topic can be judged from different perspectives. 1.) The humiliation. Many men often do not get high and love the humiliation! 2.) Failure fears. These are getting men who think too much and are putting themselves under pressure. If the load in the head is bigger than the lust in the tail, the slop cock is preprogrammed. 3.) What does a domina think of it? What can I say! I HATE SLEEP PIMMEL! But the louder and the more often I emphasize it, the more copulent slaves and men are pressing. So what happens? The devil circle closes and the ugly soft cock gets the overhand. So what am I doing? To my firm slave I forgive this (almost very large) error mostly when they show me a mini-dime! They have other qualities, with which they take a little time. Still, I hate ugly soft cock! (Short description)

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  • devoboy66

    Nov 1, 2017, 10:28:04 AM

    Oh meine Göttin, das ist sehr demütigend und zugleich erregend. ein traum für mich! würde auch gerne vor Ihnen den schwanz von dem Herrn ohne Perücke lutschen und mich auch von ihm ficken lassen müssen. danke meine göttin gruß jürgen ps.: sie haben wunderschöne füße

  • mike24

    Oct 18, 2017, 6:48:49 PM

    pure Demütigung - geil

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