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blow-fuck-squirt-swallow ... that is the Pornoblondinen - Vierkampf, which we master perfectly. In 2 natural horny, continuous Abfickschlampen is not long discussed, because we only want one thing: tails and sperm. So Candy and I have not given the horny fuckers a long time to get used to us. Out of the clothes and in with the Fickriemen in our greedy mouths. Abfickbereit stretched out the ass and presents the juice-dripping cunt the ready to beating - we need pornoblondins. We love to be willing fucking meat and always want to feel new straps in our dripping holes. And when it's time, we sting the bitch together to let the horny juice spit in our mouths. And the coronation is then to share the full load with the girlfriend - beautiful deeply buried the tongues and swallowed the juice as Schlampenduo. Spermartys are our vocation.

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