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Mishell is at home , she is pregnant and not in the mood! She is wearing a t0shirt, shorts and white socks! there is a knock at the door and it is her new slave kate! Kate is wearing a tank top , shorts , white socks and sneakers! Her hands are handscuffed behind her back and she has a collar on her neck! Mishell takes the handcuffs off and tell Kate to take her clothes off except her collar and white socks! When she is finished Mishell puts the handscuffs back on her and tells her its time to clean! Kate has to make up the bed, fold clothes and scrub the floor! Misha is allways near spanking and grabing her ass and tits, calling her bitch and making her clean all here better !When she is finished Misha handscuffed her again behind her back and tell her its time to *****! She ***** on the floor by Mishas bed!

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