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  • Jun 24, 2018, 12:20:04 PM

    New clip for soles Lover! ON-LINE!!!!

    Alone the cover bring your cock to disengage! Yes I lick my hot toes! Nylons, high heels, fat tits and then even these hot soles! Unfortunately, I must confess that I'll take the last remnant of your mind with my easy dom and lascivious Dirty Talk! That my skirts in between slips so high that one can catch glimpses of my naked column here and there, I have not betrayed you now! But the highlight for you will always be my sexy soles, which I hold out to you again and again in Close Up, so that you can hardly stand it until the end! I want you to dominate you and staring at my soles to the end and hung drooling in front of the monitor, you're doing anyway ... # foot fetish

  • Jun 24, 2018, 1:37:09 AM

    Video brain fuck? SAFE!

    Rejoice your little slobbering #loserfotzen! Your goddess has again uploaded neat #stuff and the best is almost everything was unlocked! Unfortunately, once again I should not show how good all # #geld my #zahlfotzen after the last #melksessions in my greedy fingers looked and also the new #poppers and #cbt video was not allowed ... In the future I will some # fetish clips publish the exactly forbidden include ... but cleverly worded ... so if you are looking for the Forbidden Paradise, it must just read between the lines to read or even easier me just write a short and ask or visit me in the LiveCam ...

    It goes without saying that you also have to learn to decode my language in the clips ... Many roads lead to Rome, but only one leads to me!

    Yes, the good old Rome, beautiful city ... and because I love beautiful cities, I'll go traveling the next weeks, but I will also shoot Clios there ... believe my new smartphone can do a lot and thus I try to share a bit with you to let...

    Wish ... like this ...

  • Jun 23, 2018, 10:02:00 AM

    Latex Cam Milking! This morning!

    Hot curves wrapped in tight latex! I'll seduce you and enslave you, run soft and hard!

    An emotional roller coaster ride in the #intox #melkung #mistress # latex goddess #mindwash #brainfuck #cei #bdsm #joi #highheels and everything to do with #fetisch has written BIG !!

    Tonight and tomorrow from 12 o'clock you can serve me live in my Camsession!

    There are also some perverted new Clios for you Demona addicts !!!

    Reload and deliver ... see you soon

    Your mistress Lady Demona

    Latex Cam Milking! This morning! Watch Video
  • Jun 22, 2018, 2:15:35 PM

    New Clips ONLINE!

    Inhale Training, Extreme asshole stretch,
    Knalt set, eat CBT or sperm? What should this WE be?

    New clips online ... treat yourself to Demona Power and be part of my kinky world!

  • Jun 21, 2018, 8:35:47 PM

    10 fresh Alpha Hengstwichse in condoms!

    Hello Schluckfotze!

    It's that time again! The next 10 stallion gums are fucked up and are frozen in my freezer!

    Since we do not do things by halves, the rubbers are really nice full stallion remains stallion!

    There can only be one to whom this fresh charge is sent!

    Who will be our next Schluckfotze?