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  • Sep 20, 2018, 7:34:25 PM

    Demonic airtime ...

    Your Lady Demona has kept you in the waiting loop for a long time! A little taste of purgatory :)

    So it is time when has so much wonderful free time as it is for daughters! But the devilish fetish heart misses the evil deeds and will thus be on the air in the next 3 days full of greed and lust for power!

    It is to be expected that I have reinvented myself again! However, it remains with the old nastiness!

    Friday / Saturday / Sunday and Monday
    from 14 o'clock and by appointment

    Lady Demona- devil's darling!

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  • Sep 14, 2018, 11:06:24 PM

    CEI & Joi! Sucked out and swallowed! 13 loads of Cum for Spermafresser! | by Lady_Demona

    New clip in a few hours

    Since enough already the small preview image! You see your blonde goddess POV with her huge big cock! The word Spermafresser or Cei trigger in you salivation and Triefschwanz! In the pants it is directly knalleng and the head cinema already starts to run, before you started my new clip! My fat strap-on is filled with sperm bulge, and another 13 loads are waiting for you, fresh milked my horny fucker! You will jerk and swallow exactly as instructed, but do not think I'll just let you swallow like that! That would be too exciting! It is swallowed horny and dirty and milked, as befits the goddess of the CEI!

    #cumeatinginstruction #spermafressen #cei #strapon #joi

  • Aug 11, 2018, 3:37:11 AM

    100% DWT disco spray! 6 outfits for real men pussies!

    Little dirty bisexual whores like you are always on the lookout! To make it short and sweet - I wear Gr. 38-42, and my outfits are designed to fit in all these sizes and fit snugly! Unfortunately I can not equip fat pigs! My feet are wearing heels and boots in size. 41! So it can now go to the Brainfuck!

    You like that? It's good! I sorted out 6 complete outfits of my hot fetish and party clothes - not because I'm not in the mood anymore, more because I leave the country and I can not take the whole thing with me!

    Here are the first 6 outfits at the start! The heels are all from #Pleaser or the subsidiary #Devious! You want to know more? Happy Saturday and Sunday in Camchat or PM! Then only from 22.08. The photo gallery with all photos of these outfits should also be unlocked soon!

    I make you my fetish whore number 1! Are you ready?

  • Aug 10, 2018, 10:57:53 PM

    Cum flood replenishment! Which Schluckfotze will it be?

    We fucked hard again and collected! There are 10 fresh #Alphapaar jerk-offs for the little #Schluckfotzen!

    Are you worthy to suck our #Fickreste? Everything else in #camchat or PM!

    Attention, I'm only online until Sunday evening, then a week away! So if you need it right now, what we're going out for is not too long!

    Who builds the skin!

    #cuckold #cumeating #alphasperm #vollegummis #wichse #schluckfotze #cei # gönndirloser

  • Aug 10, 2018, 12:31:45 AM

    3 days Camwahnsinn

    Well, unfortunately, the weather reversal migraine caught me cold and I was unfortunately yesterday and today no Camsessions make ... fully corrosive I have you so buck!

    If it stays as it is now, I'm on friday to sunday!

    From Monday then again not a week ... so do not miss me ...