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Lady_Demona Germany
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Female Domination

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Chaste for so long? Man, who has locked you up? Do you mean that's mean of me when I make you horny? Hahaha, I do not have much today. Man that's such a pity that you do not come close to your cock and finally jerk off! Geil are weeks or months? So many charms, beautiful bare soles, dirty dirty talc, but you're and will be a Keuschling nunmal. If I were nice you would now get the key and jerk dry and squirt, but of nice, I can buy nothing. Well, what do we do now? In the cage it is getting tighter and I'm about to give you the key. Answer me a question first: Have you been obedient? Only a horny slave is an obedient slave! # Chastity #wichsen # foot fetish

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