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This hidden cam in my room got the whole thing! While I was taking a nap, naked, and yes with white socks on (I love ******** with white socks on :) ), something strange happened! I felt something filling my mouth. At first, I thought it was a dream, but it furiously kept going in and out and filling it all. It was big and felt so real! That's when I woke up. Nothing was there! I was alone in my room, but this..."thing" was going in and out of my mouth like I was face fucked by a ghost! I was flipped around on my four so fast that before I knew it the ghost was fucking my pussy doggy style! He was fucking me hard! REAL hard! After a bit, I felt him pressing his cock against my asshole and I begged him not to fuck me in the ass, I have never done anal before! Then, he rammed his dry cock into my ass as hard as he could. That was so hard on my body that I kept screaming I don't want to get pregnant! I felt his cream pie, it was an enormous amount of cum and my belly kept getting bigger and bigger as it was filling me up to the limit! What a supernatural experience!!!

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