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  • Sep 16, 2018, 6:39:33 PM

    No cam today or tomorrow

    My slave Fiffy is now with me again for the next four days .. and in the course of course videos are being shot;)

    So, before the action, I'll be back on Thursday;)

    Until then ... buy neatly in my shop: D: *: *: *: *

  • Jul 31, 2018, 11:50:22 PM

    New cam times and more information

    Hello my love ;)

    Over the past few weeks, you've certainly noticed that I was not online regularly before the action.

    I would like to change that by only coming here on certain days, giving you the chance to see me 100%.

    Before the cam you will now always see me on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays .

    On the days I will then always starting at the earliest 20 clock
    or 9pm . The end is open, where I can say that it is usually up to max. 1 o'clock goes.

    Why is it only 3 days a week is dadran, that I turn many videos a week and have private contacts, which I have to maintain and also want;) My slaves remain only slaves, if I continue to treat them as follows: D : D

    And yes, I'm also here again videos ;) pleased about the videos that I get unlocked here and others who are not published here, you will here unfortunately
    can not buy.

    From the 6th of August it might be possible that I will go on holiday for about a week ... but you will notice that later;)

    Until then it was the first time ... :)

    Maybe we'll see each other soon;)

    See you !!

  • Jun 8, 2018, 11:36:37 AM


    Hi Guys ;)

    I am on vacation until next Sunday, June 17th ....

    So far, happy work: D: D

  • Mar 20, 2018, 2:04:47 PM

    Cam again from 22 o'clock

    Hello my love ;)

    Tonight I plan from 22 clock, online before the action to appear!

    It is humiliated, humiliated, except, cerebral and ...

    Naked body? - Yeah sure, you have to undress, if I want it: D

    Load up your account properly .... because I always want more;)

  • Sep 21, 2017, 6:12:43 PM

    Friday, September 22 Camsession with Fiffy

    Yes my dears you have read correctly;)

    Fiffy really flew to me and is now a full five days with me !! Yesterday already created the first videos and tomorrow we will start a common camsession in the evening;)

    So around 21 clock around I think we will be ready;)

    You may like to watch and introduce yourself, you would be in its place: D

    Of course everything in public chat and with sound !!