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Female Domination

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Konstantin is a fagot. A really dirty, little fagot. He really wanted me to make him a video in which I tell him why he's always been a fagot ... The reason is that he has already stolen the dildo from his mother, so that in the ass fuck ... that the first porn he was looking at was a gayporn ... that his first sexual experience was with a gay boyfriend whom he blew one until he came ... that he was from his first Girlfriend fucked with a dildo in the ass .... that he has a collection of buttplugs and vibrators and now only jerks to gay porn ... and that he also has a Grindr account for the coronation! In my way, I make it clear to the loser that he is just gay. A fagot, always !! You can tell you what you want, Kontantin, have an alibi girlfriend, or try to look at hetero-porn ... it does not work! You are a fagot and you stay that way!

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  • bimann_hh

    Nov 26, 2017, 4:15:05 PM

    Ich bin zwar nicht Konstantin, habe mich aber in den Video wider gefunden

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