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I love being a Dirty Girl. I'd like to be able to take my Panties off and let them drop and have somebody else follow me around all day to pick my Panties up. What a dream ! In the Dirty Panties Dirty Girl series I'm going to show you all the many ways in which I love to be a Dirty GIrl. In Vol 1 I'm too lazy to get clean Panties, why should I, when I have a laundry bag full of Dirty Panties. As an Asian Fuck Toy I shouldn't have to concern myself with this nonsense. called housework. This should all be taken care of for me while I'm busy seeing whose Cock I'm going to get on next. Well today I've fished out a fluffy pair of Dirty Panties that I was Fucked in about 3 days before then used to wipe up all the spunk that was squirted over my Tits. In Dirty Panties Vol 1 you'll see me pee myself in my Panties because I'm too lazy to go to the toilet. I'm going to enjoy the Dirty Panties Dirty Girl series so much, I hope you do too and remember Dirty Girl is always open to Dirty Requests.

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  • PeepingTom1

    Jun 26, 2011, 4:02:13 PM

    Wet and dirty. Let's go! I love it! You will get my comprehensive written application for a job as your dirty panties boy within the next two days or so.
    Impossible to say what makes me more horny - the bloody marvellous video or the filthy little story about it.
    Whatever! I'm very horny now and I have a hard-one. I would like to complete this wonderful mess with a abound hot load NOW...

    Response from DirtyZuZa

    Jun 30, 2011, 11:53:40 AM

    YummY, Thank you PEEPINGTOM1 All eyes on my inbox. Can't wait for your application to arrive ! If there's one thing I love it's Panty Boys. Hope you'll spray me all over my Bum Cheeks again, I like that. Thank you so much for so much kindness and generosity. You are one of the few that keep me going ! Hope you got my emails. Love ZuZa XXX

  • anton1967

    Jun 24, 2011, 11:38:39 AM

    This is exactly for what I am waiting to see you.
    If I would see you in real I like it very much to fuck you after you
    pissed your pants,then I want give you a load of my sperm inside your pussy,and then I want see my sperms inside your pussy and also inside your panty.
    You are a really dirty whore and good sex must be dirty
    I love this video. Thank you very much!!!

    Response from DirtyZuZa

    Jun 30, 2011, 11:49:35 AM

    ANTON1967 WoW ! I think you've just about written the script for Dirty Panties Dirty Girl Vol 2. And so shall it be, I shall pause fucking with my panties on only to piss everywhere before getting that cock right back up me. Thank you so much for your Wonderful idea and your continued support and kindness towards me. Write Soon Love ZuZa XXX

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