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  • Jun 29, 2018, 3:26:19 PM

    And with you? This and that and that or fact is ... what?

    I think so totally awesome that Germany has flown out, the imaginary birds with their Megagagen, I generally find football shit, a bunch of men run behind a ball, great ...!

    How do you feel about football and team sports in general? Even more senseless I think yes the formula 1 Schumacher is no longer drives, I like somehow that looks like my father with sonem giant tines, is there really something new of that, is he already dead? Ne wa?

    Let's have some basics if it's about my camchat, so just to record that, I'm not doing any SHOWS because I'm actually really horny, and if I'm not that anymore because I came, I'll go out and go to sleep or something I have to do otherwise! So I'm not sitting here eight or ten hours before the cam to get my turnover, but at most two, and I'm not here to fulfill your wishes, I'm here to meet mine (if that's yours too
    then of course that makes me happy. .. if I want to vibrate I do that and if someone is watching, well and if not good too
    ! If you come with the idea in my chat that I do what you want then you only see my middle finger !!! There are so unfriendly people! And I'm not one of those dollies with an identity problem who do everything for coal!

    However, I have to say that I really have the hope of the men, it is not all lost :-) I am now 6 months again a bit more active and I've met a few nice, even if you can not meet me I am always interested in conversations of all kinds ...

    Musically, I graduate Joshua Kadison extremely, for whatever reason ... my
    Mother used to hold my CD Cover Painted Desert Serenade in front of me when I was little and said that this is my new friend :-)!

    Seid weeks I've got a catchy tune from Lookin at my backdoor ...

    At the moment I often hear Joe Bonamassa along with Beth hard / ill take care of you ...

    And I have stated actually I like Westernhagen also quite happy :-) Does anyone know the song THICK? Threw the live play, I find the song so cool, if you only hear the guitar solos you think it's about love or something very emotionallastiges, but it's all about thickness :-) Did the fat people mitgesungen? haha so many questions!?

    Is there anyone here who can play and / or sing?

    I can not do both, but for that I can sing Gary Moore's guitar, whatever ... I wish for something, have a nice weekend, sun sizzles so well, but there is more, I would like to temperature Death Valley, then freeze
    I definitely do not! I hate to freeze, I prefer sweating :-)

    Peace and long hair ... Julia


  • May 23, 2018, 11:34:22 AM

    Has anyone ever

    met with one from here? If there is someone who has ever had such a meeting, I would like to know how it was, experience! Because I'm looking for yes already 2011 ne
    Woman rummacht privately with me without that somewhere ne camera just runs for fun in the joy! Without financial ulterior motives ... Is this here? Does anyone know someone who may not live so far away?

    If I want to write a chick here then just because she wants to shoot with me! no thanks !!!

    That goes to the LucysDeluxesund what I know for Unrümpfe I do not care if you can offer me a pool and an apartment, I hate pools and I'm not aroused with something, I'm interested shit, actually I would not write that down here but me can not write you without paying and your guestbook is usually too, would also be counterproductive, otherwise comes from the news technology no money! Yes, so be glad that I do not write! Does anyone know AlexisTexas or something, who also wanted to make out with me, did you have a look at who already had everything and so on ... not even for a million I would lick your pussy !!! AGE !!! Fie ..... Yes, but also with the other one can see very well who have already let in everything ... so here almost no question!

    But hey if someone knows who knows who pushes on as well as I am, let me know maybe you can bump into each other's common pussy, because pussy is better than a pillow ... I think!


  • Apr 3, 2018, 2:04:18 PM

    What do you hear ....

    for music ?

    At the moment I am celebrating Leonard Cohen ... in your man! What does a woman want more ...

    I just listen to hippie music, I can not do anything with electronic music, I just do not feel it!

    Who can sing all instruments in 12 minutes of instrumental rock music?

    What are you doing in terms of music? Who loves Mark Knopfler like me?

    Tell us...


  • Mar 17, 2018, 7:05:16 PM

    What does ...

    you on a Saturday evening?

  • Mar 5, 2018, 4:21:18 PM

    I was short ... the hospital ! And I've noticed I have the full doctor problem, the first time in my life a general anesthetic, that is perhaps blatant, who has ever had one? My surgery is now over a week ago and I run only on emergency power, so far I have never had anything bad so I needed an operation, that was an experience that I could easily do without so be pissed off when I'm not grad so answer ... I have to regenerate first! But as of Thursday, I'm sure back at the start, until then I would like to have a few hospital stories, what has happened to you already bad?