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  • Nov 8, 2018, 8:26:52 AM

    Last week...

    So I came 40 times, so before the action with a vibrator and usually ran while Mark Knopfler, I do not care if her music stupid
    I hear that I do not like everything that my age hears so much ^^ what's new? I'm moving from apartment to house, but I mean, I would never buy anything in Germany, and who am I to claim I would own anything in this world just because I gave someone some money ... Us Do not shit! It just needs to happen the least and that's it ...

    What I really disgusted here at the time are the two pregnant women who are currently currently always on the home page, because there are two who are to blame that I need more to come! I find it disgusting never expresses how much I despise you! I find that so impossible your co-marketed unborn puke you hopefully later directly in the face, that's just something unique even if you experienced it several times! Pfui pfui pfui, here is totally wrong world, I can not help in the question what I hear for music not even the English word for junior here as dots are made! But your pregnant girls with which is almost the head out but the main thing still put something and especially from whom, what leads me to the thought of what men want to put something where already what is from someone else and that already alive, I will I can not understand because I am not tolerant! Not at all ! Who writes Whore on his big belly and gets fucked by ExKnacki ^^ (haha),

    I do not know I can not think of anything anymore ... something unprincipled, I tell you you will regret that for sure! And then you can not take criticism ... pf tz pf tz ... !!!

    BellaTight, you can rename yourself soon in BellaWeit, haha! You are not aware of the extent of this for your personal development but the main thing is the coal !!!

    Peace !!!

  • Oct 31, 2018, 12:28:19 PM

    Last week...

    So I'm 24 times in front of the cam with my vibrator came, and without any tucking in and the whole mess :-) The week I had it harder to come ... I have my Mietzi for a few days to another very nice cat to Ceiling brought, of course, one makes thoughts and earlier I thought even if everyone always say I have other things in my head how the hell! Yes, when you get older you know what is meant ... but I would not be me if I could not come anyway no one died! And my Müschiplüschimäuschen is here again and hopefully with small Flauschimauschikugeln
    pregnant! Yes, I am slightly crazy but in a harmless way ... Peace

  • Oct 27, 2018, 12:21:32 PM

    Last week...

    I came 33 times with my vibrator and I did not even have to put it in or something! And yes, before anyone asks me every week to the dentist I have ne weakness for Take 2 candies ...!

    This week was not that blatant but more about it next week, it always depends on who gets into the chat I like if the other one really likes what he sees, worst of all I find guys coming in and the only thing that gets written something like anal? I think so haha ??what, fuck you ...! There are only a few who actually understand what I do, who can empathize ... I would have been three four five
    Years ago I did not think that it would be so pleasant for me, because at first I wanted to do the same as the rest, but I am not created for that, money is too unimportant to me and Fame does not interest me, I just want to be what I am and that's not what most of you expect to see! Think about it!

  • Oct 16, 2018, 2:54:28 PM

    Last week...

    Last week I came 25 times ... Sunday I found blatant, come five times and not an orgasm was seen by anyone! Often I have Camchat people who do not understand what I do, I just do not like this stupid fuss and nice smile and wave ... that's not! Again, for better understanding, I put myself in front of the action and vibrate because I want to come, that's part of my life, I want to do it alone, that's just my thing I need daily, I also have days where I do not do, they are not very common at the moment :-) What does it mean to me? User who constantly write oh come plug him in the cause that I need half a minute longer to come! I'm not really up to this pseudoplastic punch! I do not mind, so I do not, it's that simple
    I prefer to push or vibrate, if I want something in my pussy I go to my husband and
    Say, here we go, and then we go! During sex, I can come within 30 seconds, since it eliminates the whole lot of because he can not wait as long as two minutes because I can come 4 times ... very time-saving ... Peace

  • Oct 11, 2018, 3:04:35 PM

    Last week...

    So I've come 19 times :-) Yes I've started to write down how many times I'm so schonmal would be interesting to know so calculated for the year :-) That's just the coming in front of the cam with vibrator ^ ^ for the statistics .. ,

    Incidentally, the asterisks stand for my menstrual period ^^

    Something else - I've found my ,, old ,, Cam - and even the right cable, but my laptop does not recognize the Cam, does anyone have any idea?
    I have also already charged Google but has brought rather less! Somewhere I've read that it must necessarily be the included cable from Sony, that's true I can not imagine?! With the included software that I have uselessly installed it is not synonymous, as I said the laptop does not even recognize the camera! But I have a lot of Crazy Shit on it :-)

    Peace ...