About me

Dare to take you from me and let me
dive with my body and mind games and sink into my world.
I can be the mistress of your wishes despised, the goddess of your mind.
Let yourself fall, give each control in my hands and you will experience,
as can be beautiful devotion.
Preferences / inclinations:

Beginners, branding, Facesitting, feminization, whores training, long-term education, mummy fication, needles, NS, enslavement, wax, anal stretching, guard, use games, bondage, nipple treatment, humiliation, doctor, latex, high heels, Inhaftieru ng, chastity, corseting, nurse, leather, masochism, nylon, Petspie le, Strap On Dildo, ****** milking, spitting, ballbusting, Nähspiele enspiele, cigarette set, catheter, flogging, shoe and foot worship, tickle torture, aven Shoppingskl,

********, *******, intimate contact, apparent slaughter, permanent damage ...
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