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DominaBlackdiamoond Germany
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Female Domination
Foot Fetish

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His muzzle is trimmed to kiss my boots for the next minutes, like they were his lover! That's the way this worm has to treat them while I light my cigarette to smoke it comfortably on my seat.. And YOU will also play a part in my game! Go to your bitches' shoe rack and take one pair of boots. Now imagine these boots were mine and watch the loser at my feet!! YOU will do exactly the same things with the boots in front of you! If my slave does well, he'll be allowed to lick the soles of my boots also. My spittle is his shoe cream and I shoot it directly into his mouth. Don't worry, I also have a close look at YOUR work. And if you're as miserable as this loser turns out to be, your slave puss will receive exactly the same slaps from my divine leather boots!

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