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  • Jan 23, 2017, 4:03:01 PM

    My dirty hobby. Something different.

    Hello and welcome to all who visit me and read my blog.

    Today we tackle a topic that is often not thought about: the softcore style

    I get a little bit scared when I look at all the porn actors who do their job really well, but unfortunately I'm not the **** of guy who can put up with it so easily: Hardcore videos turn into the extreme, living out sexually with many different ones Partners, spontaneously turn small amateur videos, surrender unrestrained .. Maybe you have to come first to the taste to befriend with the mere Fickvergnügen. But for that you need a couple of actors, whom you can trust .. as well as people, who do not only tolerate one.

    Everywhere I see the Ballermann, Playmates or Playboybunnys and there are also the divas or the transsexual divas. There are also actors who naturally give themselves. Then there are the so-called mixed types, which you can not subordinate so easily and the SM freaks.

    I'm not a trained porn actress, but I also have a dirty hobby: to somehow assert myself with my style. This is not easy, if you can only see hard-core hardcore fans almost everywhere who can flaunt your preferences without fear. But what is softcore anyway?

    Is not this the **** of sexuality in which one has to exercise restraint in order to imitate intimate feelings? Is not that the **** of touch in which you want to literally merge with your partner? It seems like this is a contradiction in terms. How can one categorize this form of touch and not distinguish it from mere tinkling? Is it really a **** of sex practice?

    When I wanted to sign up as a performer, I was rejected when I suggested to shoot with my partner only softcore scenes. I stated that I had some ideas that I wanted to implement, but that was simply ignored. Good Good. In front of the camera you should not be afraid to let yourself go through properly. But I think that a few simple softcore scenes can be worthwhile. Just because you do not say that you want to be popped Harcore, it does not mean that then you have no sex. It makes me a little startled. Hopefully, my ideas are still good to look at.

    It's my personal self-experiment: figuring out how to do it when another guy in MDH messes up.

    I hope you liked my blog. Please understand if I can not turn to intimate videos with anyone.

    All love wishes Chris