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  • Dec 7, 2017, 3:23:52 AM

    Feeling so touched!

    I love you all! Really! My fans, those who have been giving me LOADS of support! You make me almost blub! Hot happy tears!! Lol! You made a girl emotional! Seriously, and this may sound SO cliche! But thank you all! Every single one of you who has boosted me up! ..... the best is still yet to come!! mwahaha! Stay tuned for more xxxxxxxx

  • Nov 12, 2017, 9:23:49 PM

    Pushing My Ideas Further

    WRITTEN September 24, 2017 

    So, since starting to do more fantasy work, I am finding myself coming away from giants/shrinking and exploring such fantasies as finding my own doppleganger and that she too has the exact same looking partner as I do! eeeeeks!     What is it they say? the only limits are those of the imagination, and presently I am bursting with ideas :D     Anyway, I have a few surprises over the next few days, so hold onto your hats this is set to be a bumpy ride!


    EDIT: 12/11/17 .. WELL! you can see for yourself in latest vids where my path took me!

  • Nov 12, 2017, 9:21:11 PM

    Been Busy As FUCK! & Still In Pain

    Yhis was written August 15, 2017  |  Arikajira  SO! Lots Of New Videos Made & Bloody Ribs Still Hurting (That covers it really)    


    OK! my ribs didn't bruise much aside from a tiny token thumbprint size brown bruise, that even it didn't want to bother! The rest seems like it is all on the inside, I may have given my lungs a rattle too as the left side is sort of sensitive, like what you would expect with a chest infection, and my ashema is more tickly and worse in genral!    

    Now onto the NICE bits!! VIDEOS, I have taken a shine at the moment for stuffing things up my pussy, dolls, teddies, ping pong ball! (you get the idea!) So it means lots of content is of me seeing what (and how much) I can get into my personal pocket!     I normally do these either as a straight forward stuff, or if mini things, such as fashion dolls or miniture teddies, as a Giantess roleplay, both lots get up and close in the action!.. I has so far been LOADS of fun! as well as giggly! probably the one I worked hardest on was three sponge tennis balls! getting (and keeping) them in was so funny, popping out the first two! hey! like shelling peas! the final one took a lot of muscle pushing (it was like giving birth again! LOL so you get to see the action and pushes clear and close to the action     Oh The Fun Of Being A Cam Girl!!

    EDIT 12/11/17 - FEELING MUCH BETTER, it seems my ribs were broken lol

  • Nov 3, 2017, 10:42:11 AM

    My 2am Supper!

    OK! I admit it, after a long and busy last few days, I had a mega lie in!

    So that means at 2am I am still bright eyed and bushy tailed, and more importantly Hungry! Now, if I were trying to behave I would have something that isnt fatty and calorie laden, be good, ok, then egg on toast! Two eggs, two slices of buttered toast! <whoop!> 500+ calories of so called 'good food' that I don't fancy!

    What I do fancy, is turning into a complete junk food madam! SO! Supper ending up being, a packet of monster munch beef flavoured snacks, 108 calories, the same snacks again but in their spicy flavour another 108 calories, a bag of quavers cheesy snacks 88 calories and a bag of wotsits (like cheatos for my US friends) a crippling 95 calories, my chef skills coming into play as I combined all four bags into a delicious bowl of suppery goodness!!! only to them stuff it into my pie hole wth sheer delight! And I feel fucking great, less calories than frigging egg on toast and I feel like I got the food I was craving all along! win win!

    Now! Where is the whisky! Hehehe

    After all a little bit of what you fancy does you a world of good!

  • Nov 3, 2017, 10:27:43 AM

    Pics and what nots

    more of my free pics and video previews can be found at:


    I am loving it here, it is so different and yet so much fun!