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Home director Alice and classmate Nova are waiting for Loli. They are wearing denim jackets and skimpy jeans with boots. They confront Loli that she heals herself on other down jackets. Loli contradicts and knows nothing about it. The governess gives her a slap and pushes her against the wall and gives her to understand that they are going to test that now! Alice opens Loli's jeans and pulls her pants and panties up to her knees and fingers them. Then Nova gets an old red nylon anorak, puts her hand in the hood and rubs it firmly between Loli's legs. Then they throw their hoods over loose. Loli wants to put on her too. They spit on the red hood and Loli has to lick it clean with her tongue. The two find that Loli's down jacket is too chic for her and she has to take it off and put on the old anorak. They tie the hood tight like a little schoolgirl and make fun of it. They decide that they have to walk around the whole week and that every afternoon they have to appear as "hoodie training".

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